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ITC can help you test your product in the field, at your facility, or in our laboratory.  Our many years of experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to provide comprehensive test solutions.


ITC uses SoMat eDAQ and B&K Pulse systems and related products:

  • Digital I/O equipment
  • Modular instrumentation
  • Data acquisition boards
  • Transducer signal conditioning
  • Switching hardware


Instrument-Computer Interfaces

  • Control of sampling parameters
  • Control of sampling rate
  • Provide for calculated channels and analysis


Forces and conditions on your part or product

  • Standard cyclic force machines for cyclic loading
  • Custom force frames for special or large assemblies
  • Electrodynamic shaker for vibration simulation
  • Custom fixtures to load your part/assembly to service conditions
  • Environmental chambers to apply heat, cold, or UV irradiation


ITC has specialized equipment and software for material testing.

  • SOMAT eDAQ systems with up to 72 channels
  • Glyphworks analysis software
  • SOMAT conditioning modules, smart modules for Strain and Thermocouple and extension cables
  • SOMAT GPS devices
  • Load frames – cyclic load testing up to 55 Kip, static loading up to 300 Kip
  • Machining capability to weld and mill fixtures for custom load testing on parts and assemblies
  • Binsfield wireless torque sensor for in-place torque measurement
  • Celesco string potentiometers and linear potentiometers
  • Fastcam High speed camera
  • Fluke infrared camera
  • Celesco, Omega and PCB digital pressure gauges up to 5,000 psi.
  • Strain gauges, accelerometers, thermocouples and load cells up to 600,000 lbf
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