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Products such as buses, agriculture implements, pumps, and process equipment have specifications for noise levels.  ITC can perform testing and complex analysis using sophisticated equipment and software to:

  • Identify the source and frequency of the noise
  • Identify and reduce sound envelope infiltration
  • Characterize and improve sound quality performance

Environmental Noise

Noise regulations are established by local and regional authorities.  Environmental noise is often caused by:

  • Changes in transportation routes and traffic patterns
  • Changes in factory use and related transportation systems
  • Addition or changes in plant equipment

ITC has the equipment, tools, software, and the expertise to solve environmental noise issues.  ITC can work to measure, characterize, and model the changes in the transport route or plant equipment and investigate the effectiveness of sound mitigation methods.

Building Noise

Building regulations mandate sound blocking between occupied units.  ITC has tools and experience to:

  • Measure noise and produce reports on sound blocking parameters like Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) and Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).
  • Investigate the building and room envelope to identify areas where sound may be infiltrating
  • Review the makeup of the envelope and investigate alternate envelope builds

Sound quality parameters within the occupied space affect the sound quality. ITC will:

  • Measure the sound and reverberation within the space and determine Articulation Index values (the ability to hear clear speech within the space)
  • Work with building material suppliers to improve the sound environment


ITC has a wide range of hardware and software for sound measurement and modeling.

  • Multichannel analyzer (Brüel & Kjær PULSE 3560C and SOMAT eDAQ Systems)
  • LabShop measurement and analysis software
  • Reflex Building software
  • Glyphworks
  • Sound level meters (2250 and 2270)
  • Sound intensity probe (2270-G)
  • Indoor, outdoor, and surface microphones
  • SoundPLAN environmental modeling software

In addition, ITC adds resources and equipment as needed to meet complex testing requirements.

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